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Northumberland today - join the debate

Northumberland County Council is holding a State of the Area Debate on Tuesday 20 February from 3pm in the Council Chamber at County Hall in Morpeth.

Cllr Peter Jackson, Leader of the Council, will set the scene before introducing Cabinet colleagues who will briefly speak about the current challenges and opportunities for the county, to stimulate discussion.

A public debate will take a ‘Question Time’ style format, facilitated by the Business Chair Cllr Richard Dodd.

The meeting will be open to all, and questions from members of the public or councillors can be submitted in advance or will be taken from the floor on the day.

The event is expected to run until around 4.30pm.

Anyone wishing to submit questions in advance should send them to democraticservices@northumberland.gov.uk by 5pm on Friday 16 February 2018.

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