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An up-and-coming star is set to be a roaring success when he takes to the stage in Northumberland this January.
When Morpeth Pantomime Society launches its annual show on January 25, audiences are in for an extra-big surprise: a T-Rex has joined the cast and is about to make a debut - with a bit of snarling and tail-swishing - in The New Adventures of Alice.
The dinosaur has been awarded a special role in the society’s latest pantomime, its 39th, which will have four performances in the market town.
And it certainly will prove a new adventure for Alice as the fresh take on the tale of storybook heroine who falls down a rabbit hole will sees the animatronic star, called Tyrone, share the limelight with the likes of Alice, The White Rabbit and the Mad March Hare.
The high-tech dinosaur was made in China especially for the society which came up with the ambitious idea last autumn.
Committee member Ben Gammer said it was all part and parcel of plans to grow audiences for the shows following a period about five years ago when numbers took a dip.